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Have you ever wanted to express yourself or the story of your life or business, but you weren’t sure how? Imagine if you could make artistic pictures that capture the spirit of those stories—even if you have never created art before. What story would you tell? Would you make the love you feel for spouse and children the central theme of your family portraits? Would you let your sense of humor shine through in your professional portraits? Perhaps celebrate a milestone birthday by creating images your great grandchildren will treasure? Or be a rock star in your senior pictures?

The best photographs illuminate the character of their subjects and memorialize a story. Mono Graphics Studio is a photography studio where imaginatively telling your personal or business story meets making photographic memories and marketing collateral.

With creative interaction and visual storytelling I strive to bring out the feelings behind the moment with clean, bright, colorful imagery. Whether I am capturing your wedding day, graduation, reunion, birthday celebration, special occasion or working with your business, I am committed to artfully expressing your message.

I also work with models and those wanting to explore art, glamour, fashion - from high style to retro pin-ups on through Goth and punk.

At Mono Graphics Studio I am passionate about bringing imagination, art and composition to the images we make together. Call today to schedule your professional photo session.

Although photo sessions are made by appointment, visitors are welcome to the studio when I’m not engaged in a photo shoot. When the Open sign in the window to the right of the door is illuminated, please come in and view the show in the gallery and share your ideas. Mono Graphics Studio is also open each month on First Fridays as a part of the greater Multnomah Village celebration.

If I’ve missed you, please call 503-341-4905 or send an email, to set up a time when I can be here to meet you.


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